Lenovo Tab P11 Pro 2022 Snapdragon 870 8+128G 8200 mAh Big Battery 11.2″ 2560*1536 OLED Screen 120 Hz Refresh Rate Wi-Fi Tablet


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Lenovo Tab P11 Pro 2022 Snapdragon 870 8+128G 8200 mAh Big Battery 11.2″ 2560*1536 OLED Screen 120 Hz Refresh Rate Wi-Fi Tablet

Sweat Tips:
It is the Chinese version, the official firmware, only supports English and Chinese, supports NFC and OTA.
If you receive the machine , there is no Google Play. If you want to install Google Play, you can contact us individually. We’ll teach you how to install Google Play on a tablet.
The Price is not included custom tax , If you have any questions, please contact us.


  • Snapdragon 870,8G+128G

  • 8200 mAh big battery

  • 11.2 inch screen,2560*1536 OLED screen

  • 120Hz refresh rate

  • Face recognition,Fingerprint unlock

  • 13MP rear camera

  • USB-C

  • MircoCD Card Expansion

  • Dolby Atmos

P11 Pro2022 Snapdragon Edition
Brilliant brushstrokes are brilliant

New Color Matching New Design | X-Max Joyful Audiovisual
Flagship performance configuration | Large battery super fast charge

1.New at first sight

Silver / Green / Golden / Purple
2.JBL Quad Speaker

Independent Quad Channel | Dolby Atmos
11.2″OLED screen / Resolution: 2560×1536 / Color display:1.07 billion / 1920Hz High frequency PWM dimming
Excitation Brightness (Typical), 600nits / DCI-P3 ,Wide color gamut / 120Hz,Fast refresh rate / 360Hz, Touch sampling rate
4.Snapdragon 870
LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1 / MicroSD card expansion
5.Support mainstream video platforms
Sound and Picture Enhancement Technology
6.8200mAh Large Battery
68W Super Flash Charge
7.Almighty Type-C
USB 3.2 Gen 1 | Supports video output
8.Suitable stylus pen, Xiaoxin Pen2
4096-level pressure sensitivity | Handwriting application adaptation
9.Xiaoxin magnetic keyboard and stand
Magnetic adsorption | Combination shortcut keys
10. ZUI 14
Almighty Card / Taskbar gesture interaction / Multiple floating window management / privacy space

New look
Each one is exciting
Unique skin texture with geometric twill
Colorful, Slim and Lightweight
There are also mysterious and elegant silver, highlighting micro-nano texture
Crystal clear, pure feel

  • Light about 480g

  • Thin to 6.8mm

*Plain leather and PMMA are the back cover materials of different versions

Delightful audio-visual
1.We have tailored the X-MAX high-quality flat-panel audio and video standard
Vision-oriented X-MAX·Yueshi requires many high standards such as high score, high brush, high dynamic range and eye protection.
For the auditory X-MAX · Yue Ting, it needs to be equipped with JBL-level independent four-channel speakers and equipped with Dolby panoramic sound.
2.With X-MAX, you can easily enjoy the high-level picture quality of mainstream video platforms
Immediately in the center of the story, restore the creator’s true inner expression

The 11.2-inch OLED screen can present different high contrast ratios and delicate colors
2.5K ultra-clear display, every place is exquisite and seductive

  • OLED,11.2 inches

  • 2560×1536, Resolution

  • 1000000:1, Contrast (Typical)

  • 600nits, Excitation Brightness (Typical)

  • TÜV, Rheinland Global Eye Care Certification 2.0

  • 192Hz, High frequency PWM dimming

  • 120Hz; Fast refresh rate (typical)

  • 360Hz, Touch Sample Rate (Typical)

120Hz Abortion Vision, Makes the screen look pleasing to the eye and use just right

  • 10bit Native / DCI-P3 ,Wide color gamut

This stunning 10bit OLED display has up to 1.07 billion true colors
With P3 wide color gamut, support HDR10+, Dobly Vision and other high dynamic display technologies
Whether it is reading, watching dramas, or creative display, the effect is extraordinarily vivid and vivid

X-MAX·Yue Ting
JBL four speakers, independent four channels, also supports Dolby Atmos
Listening to songs, watching dramas, cutting videos and playing games can make you immersed in it

*To enable related functions, you need to open a platform member
*When using P11 Pro 2022 to enjoy blockbuster movies and original programs on Bilibili
You can also enjoy the stunning audio-visual experience brought by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
Restoring the real horizon, capturing the sound of immersion, makes people enjoy and linger.

Iron Triangle, In place now
The well-known Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chip
Same great LPDDR5 memory/UFS 3.1 flash
Whether complex multitasking
Still play all kinds of game masterpieces with ultra-high frame rate
P11 Pro 2022 can easily do it

68W+8200mAh, Super partner!
8200mAh large battery, fully committed from morning to night
68W super flash charge, it only takes a little while to fully charge

  • about 31 minutes Charge to 80%

  • about 9 hours video conference

  • about 11 hoursvoice conference

  • about 10 hourskeyboard writing

*The software used for the meeting is Teams, the data is from Lenovo Labs, charging and battery life are theoretical values, please refer to the actual experience

Lenovo Xiaoxin Pen2 apply to pro2022

  • Wonderful pen makes flowers, let go and show

4096-level pressure sensitivity, support flank drawing
Accurately capture the stroke force
draw, take notes, annotate

  • Flank Drawing

1.Tap the button:toggle tool
2.Skin friendly coating:Delicate feel
3.Comfort damping:Ultra low latency
4.double adsorption:Take it as you go
5.Top adsorption on-the-go
6.Back adsorption charging pairing

  • With the help of Xiaoxin Pen2, Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2022 immediately becomes a notebook

Quickly create sticky notes when the screen is off, and record every bit of inspiration; write in the text field, and the entered content is converted into text in real time
Whether it is class notes, or quick search, whimsy, come with a pen

  • Tap the pen button

The stylus can be turned into a remote control
Easily switch PPT presentations
Or control audio and video playback

  • You can also quickly capture part of the screen

Scan a document or switch the stylus to
Presentation pen or magnifying glass to use

Creation Handy
Optional Xiaoxin magnetic keyboard and stand
Magnetically attached connection, no need for patching, switching and pairing
Large size keycap, long keystroke design
Also equipped with a large touchpad, creating a good input feel

  • Magnetic adsorption

No need to plug

  • Large trackpad

Support gesture operation

  • Shortcut key combination

With shortcut key combination, press for high efficiency

Large range of adjustment space
Stepless adjustment bracket
Easily adjust the appropriate viewing angle
Transforms into a lightweight and durable tablet clip when stowed

Expansion Makes a difference
Flexible, full-featured USB-C interface
Supports USB 3.2 Gen 1 for fast transfer of large files
You can also connect various accessories, even an external monitor
Realize 4K/60Hz video signal output
And up to 1TB MircoSD card expansion
Expansion card slot
Full-featured USB-C

External monitor to turn on computer mode
Bring familiar computer operating system

True expression
Allows you to maintain the C position during online learning and video calls, and the line of sight is not shifted
Face and fingerprint dual unlock, support privacy space
Lock photos, videos and apps to protect private content

  • Front camera:8,000,000 pixels ; Rear camera :13 million pixels

  • Face recognition / Fingerprint unlock

ZUI light, ZUI fast, ZUI14!

Light visual
The new “bright and agile” design language is simple, refreshing and well-organized
Added a variety of all-round cards, quick information overview, direct service

Fast · Interactive
Smart taskbar gestures, easy to call up air window and split screen
Up to five floating-window applications can be opened on the same screen, bringing an interactive experience of multi-threaded operation
Quickly drag and drop text or pictures between applications to complete tasks efficiently

The clipboard and message notification of the mobile phone can be synchronized with the tablet tacitly.
No Wi-Fi, Tablets Can Keep Your Network Connected

Link with computer multi-screen
Tablet Avatar Extended Display

Game assistant
Built-in bullet screen notification, WeChat/QQ floating window, high-energy back-recording, anti-accidental touch, blocking notification and other functions
games, more fun

Product parameters


About 263.66×166.67×6.8mm


About 480g

Network mode



Snapdragon 870

Operating System

ZUI 14 (based on Android 12)


11.2″ 2560×1536 OLED, 120Hz, 600nits (peak)


Front: 8M FF RGB

Rear: 13M AF + Flash


Optional 8GB LPDDR5 + 128GB UFS3.1


802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax,2.4GHz&5GHz,2×2 MIMO,BT 5.2


USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 + POGO Pin + Mirco SD card expansion


2 mics + 4 JBL speakers + Dolby Atmos


GPS/Beidou + Gravity Sensor + Light Sensor + Electronic Compass + Gyroscope + Hall Sensor


8200mAh (typ.)

Power Adapter



Fingerprint recognition, face recognition, TÜV Rheinland global eye protection certification 2.0

Additional information

Brand Name


Display Size



Dual Cameras, Fingerprint Recognition


Front Camera, Front Webcam Pixels

Second Webcam Pixels


Tablet Storage Capacity


Processor Model


Operating System

Android 12


Mainland China

Front Webcam Pixels


Supporting Language

English, Chinese

Extend Port


Memory Capacity




Panel Type




Item Type

Tablet PC

Processor Manufacture




Cell Capacity



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